Life beyond Life.

Eukarya jewels are created to cross generations “perpetuating lifes”. By their nature, when worn, a piece of jewelry becomes charged with significance during a lifetime of perpetuating memories – a subtle evolving recorder of the wearer’s life, the jewel becomes associated with important life events. A jewel must be timeless, living beyond its owner and accompanying generations, effectively with the potential to become a metaphorical chronicle of human relations through time. Blood ties, affective relationships, based on of duty and honour – all shape the history and path of a jewel.

Eukarya jewels are thought as pieces with a distinct and marked style which is, at the same time, inherently timeless. They are thought as an extension of the owner – their weight, their “lightness” and their shine complementing and enhancing one’s personality.

Tradition is also an essential for Eukarya – from the tradition of technical expertise to the tradition of a jewel to pass from person to person, strengthening personal bonds.


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