The creation and development of Hæma was inspired by the flow of vitality in all living creatures.
This vital flux is made evident and almost palpable in designs which cross and combine two worlds – the rigor of fine jewellery and the ancestral techniques of traditional Portuguese Gold Filigree.

HÆMA and Traditional Portuguese Gold Filigree
Joana Caldeira started her career researching and revealing Tradidional Portuguese Gold Filigree, which she considers an artistic phenomenon and one of the greatest representative examples of Portuguese Art – it is the most rigorous and delicate in the world, pioneer for the development of the torsion of the double gold wire in the V century. This millenary art was, for centuries, considered a privilege of the aristocracy and is an integral part of the Portuguese Memory and Cultural Heritage.
Passionate about this ancestral art form, Joana Caldeira spent years working with traditional filigree goldsmiths in remote Póvoa de Lanhoso, an area historically associated with the development of Portuguese Gold Filigree. Her work also led Joana Caldeira to collaborate with the Museu do Ouro (Gold Museum) in nearby Travassos, a respected and reputed institution which documents and presents the narrative of the development of Portuguese Gold Filigree in the shores of the Cávado River.
Following her incessant search for ancestral techniques, in which she worked solely with filigree, with the Eukarya project Joana Caldeira finally fulfils her wish of framing traditional Portuguese Gold Filigree in a high-end luxury context.
With the Hæma collection, Joana Caldeira once more showcases filigree as an art of great artistic sentiment. A magical art which enriches and beautifies luxury adornments that have their foundation on expert design work – reminiscent of what was the custom and tradition in Portuguese jewellery for the highest ranks of aristocracy before the XIX century.
Meticulously selected diamonds and a trichromy of gold, sculpted in highly skilled manufactures, make for a glorious symbiosis with the work of the goldsmith who wisely twists and places gold wires, an art whose birth is lost in the dawn of time.

All Eukarya jewellery items are manufactured using 750 gold alloys and rigorously selected G-VVS diamonds, and are certified by the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda (Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office).

Selected Hæma jewels incorporate elements of traditional Portuguese Gold Filigree.
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